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Conference Paper

  • Deleuze, Painting and the Case for Abstract Art

    “…it is more or less half a century since Bacon discovered his ‘system’. How does Deleuze’s text on Bacon, 50 years later, become useful to contemporary painting? The field of painterly experimentation is no longer conditioned by the alternatives of figuration and abstraction. But the terms have not disappeared… ”

  • The Diagrammatic Surface of Painting

    “One reason, perhaps, for never having been tempted to explore the ‘expanded field’ of painting is that, for me, the flat and bounded surface has always been a limit/condition that makes its own demands. Rather than operating as a mere support whose passivity

  • ‘The Façade Within’: notes for a paper given at The Dark Precursor an International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, Ghent, 2015

    The painting is finished and it is a static object – this is a fact but still it can’t be fully known. Inside perception there is an awareness that anterior to that individuated “object” and the individuated “subject” who is looking there is a process of individuation.

  • The Picture Plane and the Page: Moments of Order in Painting/Writing

    “…How might this ‘logic of sensation’ relate to the challenges of the current milieu; one in which questions about figuration and abstraction do not dominate questions of value in painting, and where the idea of the Figural becomes complicated in an environment where what counts as painting can no longer be taken for granted.”